ILIA Demo Reel SU2014

Demo Reel Breakdown
 1. Characters - Damian Vicente
 2. Hard surface - Canon AE-1 Program Camera
 3. Environments - Airplane Hangar
 4. Characters - Azriel "Demon Hunter"
 5. Hard surface - Honda Fury
 6. Environments - Submarine Service Station
 7. Characters - Vandrad The Viking


Detective Damian Vicente

A Chicago police detective. Inspired by the show Chicago PD. Modeled and sculpted in Zbrush.

Canon AE-1 Program

Airplane Hangar

Azriel - The Demon Hunter

She lived an ordinary life until a demi-angel passed on it's ability to see the real supernatural identity of anyone. She is a human caught in the middle of war between angels and demons. In this time of age she cannot trust anything that has either wings or horns.

Honda Fury VTX 1300

Submarine Service Station

This is environment is inspired by an abandoned Russian submarine base station

Reference Images

VANDRAD The Viking

Still a work in progress...

Abandoned Cathedral

This is Azriel's safehouse. It's an abandoned cathedral destroyed during the Great Hellfire War. A war between angels and demons.

ZHOU TAO - A Warrior of Imperial China